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Stainless Steel Tape


KSN 304 type stainless steel foil tape is excellent in corrosion and rust resistance, a high gloss and excellent adhesion in any bending plane.
KSN stainless steel tape is coated with an aggressive rubber[03] acrylic[07], silicone[09] adhesive system that creates a superior bond
to metals and others.

Coating Type : Rubber, Acrylic, Silicone

Materials : SUS 304, SUS 316, SUS 430

Thickness : 80 ~100 mic

Width/Length : 12 mm ~ 300 mm / Any Length

Stainless Steel 304 ( 316 Alloy ) - finalizing Sealing
                         430 - Magnetism , Chemical resistance, Using for Semiconductor Equipment & Wafer.

Principal Uses

KSN is a non-corrosive,non-magnetic tape for use in decoration, marine, food processing and nuclear applications.

KSN is RoHS compliant.


Typical Pyisical Properties

TEST Typical Value ASTM Test Method
Foil Thickness 0.04 mm D-3652
Adhesion to steel 800~2,500gf/inch D-3330
Tensile Strength 678N/25mm D-3759
Elongation 1%  
Service Temperation -40 to 200℃  

Typical values are not intended to be used for specification development.

NOTE : Standard roll size and custom rolls available on request.