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Shielding Tape


Our Self adhesive profiles are made with 99.99% pure lead which is modified with a small amount of antimony to improve its weathering performance and surface polish. A high performance, acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive ensures a long life span On both single and double glazed units.


Resistance to acid : Good acid resistance and applied to the etching or plating process.

X-RAY shield : Blocks the X-RAY, it is suitable for EMI shielding.

Radioactivity shield : Nuclear power plant facilities.


Typical Pyisical Properties

TEST Typical Value ASTM Test Method
Foil Thickness 0.12 mm D-3652
Adhesion to steel 2,200gf/inch D-3330
Tensile Strength 350N/100mm D-3759
Elongation 12% D-3759
Service Temperation ( temperature ) -20 to 120℃  
Standard roll size 100mm * 33m  

Typical values are not intended to be used for specification development.

NOTE : Standard roll size and custom rolls available on request.