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Aluminium Tape


Generally, aluminum foil’s own tensile strength is pretty low.
So, enhancing the tensile strength of aluminum foil tape, plastic film laminating process was done for this aluminum foil tape.
Finally, the tensile strength is doubled compare to none-laminated aluminum foil tape.


1) Widely used for preventing oil / gas/ water leak of duct heat and

2) Widely used for resist the high temperature of duct because it can endure high temperature

3) Marine field and the other industry.

4) Developed for the finish of electric panel protection, ventilation ducts, insulation tape, etc.

5) Used for industrial refrigerators because of the aluminum’s high heat conduction quality can easily transmit heat.

Physical Properties

Adeheive Type Backing Product Thickness Color Peel Streangth With(mm)
Natural Rubber resin AL 6㎛ + 40 ㎛ BOPP 70±2 Silver 3.68 N/10mm

45, 48, 50 and so on.

Remarks : Customizable seperating